Emergenetics Selection Program (ESP) Accreditation

Do you want to use the latest profiling tool to support your recruitment and talent process? Join us for the Emergenetics Selection Program (ESP) Accreditation on 18 – 20 April 2018 in Cambridge. Join us.

This is our most popular course.  ESP is one of the latest profiling tools which improves the quality of your hiring, reduces employee turnover, and importantly increases employee engagement due to better matching of candidates to roles.

Cambridge is a hot-spot of innovation, using the latest science to drive companies forward. Do you ever wonder why we do not use the available science when we are recruiting people, often relying on old selection tools or gut-instinct (both of which are risky!).

It does not have to be like this. call hr are delighted to provide you with an exciting opportunity, available as a result of our partnership with Emergenetics International.

Emergenetics Selection Programme (ESP) empowers HR and hiring managers by simplifying the process and increasing the accuracy of finding talented new employees … thereby reducing the possibility of an inappropriate hire.

In one integrated, easy-to-use system built on a platform of brain science and robust research, you can clearly define role expectations. Then you can use psychometric data to accurately narrow your candidate pool to only those who best fit the job and your organisation.

We are delighted to let you know that the next opportunity to become certified to use ESP in your organisation will take place on 18  – 20 April 2018 at the Moeller Centre, Cambridge.

Why become certified? Because you will gain the knowledge to:

  • Consult objectively on job expectations
  • Accurately tailor job profiles for each unique position
  • Carry out the ESP assessment quickly
  • Analyse and compare candidates with ease
  • Confidently identify the candidates that are a good fit for the role
  • Quickly tailor behavioural interview questions
  • Design personalised onboarding for the successful candidate

ESP Certification consists of a 2.5 day workshop (in Cambridge). It is designed to equip you to manage and implement the entire ESP process, integrating it seamlessly into your existing hiring process.

If selecting, retaining and developing your staff is important, ESP is the perfect tool to place new colleagues in roles which they will perform highly in.

Jo Lee

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