How your CV should represent your personal brand

Does your CV represent you? Does it show off more than just your skills?

Your CV should be more than just bullet points of facts; it should represent who you are as a person. Each day companies receive hundreds of CVs, so how do you make sure your CV shines above all the others? People hire people they can see themselves working with and they want to know more about you.

Here are my handy CV tips and advice to help you make that great first impression!

Now is the time to show off

What have you achieved and how have you solved problems in your previous roles and in your life?

Many people’s CVs overlap in tasks however, no two people have achieved the same thing. When skills are simply stated it is hard to get a feel for how much experience you have, or how you have applied these skills to succeed. Employers want to know more. Boast about your achievements and be proud of what you have accomplished!

Work life is never straight forward. Problems often arise at the most inconvenient times and in the most unusual ways but when it comes to your CV they can be one of your biggest strengths. This is what employers want to know; how you handled these situations, your reaction under pressure and how they can rely on you to react accordingly. Problem solving is key to every role at any level.

Don’t be afraid to be different

Anyone working to source talent sees CV after CV that looks the same. Sometimes, it takes something a little different to make someone look again. Your CV shouldn’t be full of irrelevant facts, but think about what makes you different from the rest of the applicants. Have you worked on successful projects, innovations and processes in your previous workplace? Whether you spend your spare time rounding up poultry, wowing your colleagues or taking extra courses; make employers want to look at your CV.

Make the most of your Personal Profile. You have the chance to really engage the person reading your CV. They will learn about your skills and achievements in the rest of your CV but your Personal Profile is all about you. It should reflect your voice, if you don’t speak formally, then don’t write like a member of Downton Abbey. If you are positive and upbeat let it reflect that. Be confident in showing them your personality, what makes you tick and sell yourself. You are fantastic, and they need to know it.

Clarity is key

We live in a fast-paced world; everyone is always busy and as such your CV needs to be an easy read. Make the key information clear, be concise, check what is relevant to include and avoid chunks of text that are too long. Your CV should highlight the important information: the facts, the interesting details and the necessities. Anything else isn’t needed.

Use a clear font. Avoid cluttering your page with unnecessary formatting.

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