About Us

we help you attract diverse talent with potential
gain an experienced partner who will support & advise you
At whitehill pelham we help you attract diverse talent with potential. When you engage with whitehill pelham you gain a partner who will help you recruit or find your next role with intentionality!
encouraging you

We understand the temptation to cling to past recruitment/job search practices, we also understand the frustration that this brings!  We constantly encourage employers or candidates to look more broadly for that next role, and to attract a diverse team.

psychometric profiling

To help us do this, we use a psychometric profiling tool – emergenetics selection program (esp) which is a unique platform of scientific research and behavioural science.  The results help with recommendations for interviewing based on the results obtained.

quality communication

Oh, and of course, we have a lot of good quality conversations with employers and candidates to ensure there is a good match.