Talent Profiling

gain a greater insight into a candidates motivations and aptitudes
how talent profiling can help your business
We help you take the guess work out of hiring, and help reduce bias which occurs throughout the talent search process.

We do this by using the emergenetics selection program (esp), which gives you greater insight in to a candidates motivations and aptitudes.  ESP reveals a candidate’s job motivation and aptitude so you can determine if there is a match in job compatibility and performance.



customised assessment framework

As part of the discussion about the role, we work with you to identify job competencies for the role and these are translated into the distinct ESP Motivator and Aptitude factors. This forms the customised assessment framework that determines the job match for each candidate.


detailed candidate reports

The process concludes with us presenting a detailed, clear report for each candidate, and if required our ESP expert will talk you through the results for each candidate, and help employers make comparisons. In addition, we will help you identify probing questions for the interview to help you really get to the candidates talent and potential.

ESP is unique as assessments are tailored based on the job requirements, and is built to predict on-the-job performance.


the result

So what is the result? A perfect fit for the position, cutting down on unnecessary turnover and low performing new hires.

Importantly the ESP profile has longevity beyond the recruitment process and can help ensure on-boarding is effective, and can help with future job roles.

Contact us for more information about how esp can help in the recruitment process and beyond.